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Idaho is a state that a lot of people don't know much about and that is expected, the only thing they know is that Idaho is the "famous potatoes" state. Idaho is actually a big state and is adjacent to Washington and Oregon to the Northwest. It is said that if you could flatten all of the mountains in Idaho then it would be as big as Texas. This state has two time zones within itself which runs from Canada to Nevada. It is also encompassed on the western side of the Rocky Mountains. The land in Idaho is made up of rivers, mountains, and farmland. The outside edges of the state are mostly emerald green hillsides, timbered mountains, and beautiful lakes but central Idaho is filled with jagged peaks. The history of Idaho starts with its native tribes such as the Lewis and Clark Expedition along with pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Idaho today is a cosmopolitan, small, and friendly town. Boise is the capital of Idaho which is also the largest city in Idaho.  

The Agriculture and tourism are some of the biggest industries in the state. Their outdoor recreation and scenic opportunities are some of the reasons there are about 20 million tourists every year to visit Idaho. Any part of this state will be a great experience with beautiful views, fun things to do, and friendly locals. Most people also realize that Idaho is unhurried, unspoiled and unassuming which lets people appreciate the state for what it is. The state flower is the Syringa, the state bird is The Mountain Bluebird, the state tree is The Western White Pine, and the state horse is the Appaloosa. Of course the number one national producer is the Idaho Potato but after the potato comes trout, Austrian Winter Peas, and Lentils. Some of the largest cities include Boise, Nampa, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Meridian, Twin Falls, Moscow, and a few others.

Idaho is the 13th largest state in the United States and produces 72 different types of precious and semi precious stones. Some of these precious and semi precious stones can only be found in Idaho and nowhere else in the world. This is also why Idaho is known as the Gem State. The weather in Idaho are different in each part of the state but for the most part there are chilly winters and very hot summers. The weather is usually influenced by what comes off the Pacific Ocean, the northern part of Idaho usually has more precipitation than the southern part which has the warmest temperatures. 

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Termors at Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho

Attractions in Idaho

The Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho is the largest theme park in the Northwest. This amusement park was built in 1988 with a Victorian mining town theme. The park sits on about 20 acres and has more than 65 different rides and attractions. Some of the most popular rides at Silverwood Theme Park is Aftershock which is a 191 foot tall steel roller coaster, Tremors which is a 65 mph wooden roller coaster that has a drop of 103 feet and goes underground four times, the 55mph Timber Terror wooden coaster, the Corkscrew coaster, and the 140 foot tall Panic Plunge drop tower. Then there are water rides as well such as the Thunder Canyon whitewater ride. There is also the 16 acre Boulder Beach Water Park that includes many water rides and two huge wave pools, tube slides, a lazy river, and two kiddie areas. This is the ultimate Amusement park that everyone loves in Idaho. 

The Old Idaho Penitentiary is located in the east of Boise during the year of 1870 and was just a single cell house. It grew into a complex of many buildings that were surrounded by a high sandstone wall. The first century the penitentiary was open and running there were over 13,000 convicts that were sent there and 215 of them were women. There was a riot that occurred in 1971 and then another riot that was even more severe in 1973. December 3, 1973 the penitentiary closed and the inmates were moved to another penitentiary south of Boise. The Old Idaho Penitentiary was then placed on the National Register of Historic Places. There is a Friday Night Tour that is available but you should bring a flashlight.  

Boise Art Museum gives visitors the chance to see amazing exhibits on display. There are permanent exhibits along with changing exhibits held at the museum, this way there is always something new to see at the museum and helps to make it more enjoyable for every visit. The permanent collection at the museum holds over 2,300 pieces of art. A part of the collection focuses on the 20th century American Art, some examples of American Realism include ceramics and works by artists from the Pacific Northwest. There are is non-western art and European works on display in the permanent collection. The museum also has programs and events that are for the visitors really interested in the museum. Special Art Tours are also available

The Zip on Tour located in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho is a very unique and exciting adventure to try out when visiting Idaho. This attraction is a combination of tree based canopy tour style zip lines with Idaho's longest zip line. These zip lines offer the chance to see beautiful scenery as you glide from a range of 175 to 1800 feet in the air. The premier builder of zip lines called EBL is the company that built these zip lines and also has courses in Hawaii, Alaska, North Carolina, and many other states. Horseshoe Bend, Idaho is nature lovers dreamland with the zip lines, whitewater rafting, swimming, mountain biking, fishing, train rides, and so much more. The zip lines hit speeds of up to 40 mph and takes you over the Payette River.

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Lava Hot Springs in Idaho

Things to do and see in Idaho

Lava Hot Springs in Idaho is a major tourist destination with many different attractions to enjoy such as hot spring pools, an Olympic size swimming pool, water slides, shops, and much more. The hot spring pools come straight from natural underground springs, they have minerals and no sulfur or bad odor. There is more than 2.5 million gallons of water that goes through the springs a day and then flow into the Portneuf River which helps to keep the springs clean. The water temperature stays at a range of 102 to 112 degrees. The sidewalks around the hot spring pools are heated along with the dressing rooms so you can stay fairly warm even on the coldest nights. Some even say the minerals in the water cure body aches and much more and just put your body in a total state of relaxation.

Pocatello Zoo in Idaho is known as a Haven and a Sanctuary for animal exhibits, these exhibits were either put here because of an injury or they were born here. Either way those animals would not survive in the wild. These animals have become ambassadors of their own kind which help to educate the public about wildlife conservation as well as habitat preservation. The Pocatello Zoo dates back to 1932 with twelve year old John Marshall's pet monkey and raccoon. It soon became the place for native animals that were orphans or injured. The zoos mission is "to promote community involvement and financial support to benefit the mission, long-range design, expansion and accreditation." Some of the animals that are held in the zoo include Amphibian and reptiles such as Ball Python, Box Turtle, Gopher Snake, and more along with Birds, and  Mammals such as Badger, Black Bear, Cougar, Elk, Red Fox and many others.

The Egyptian Theater located in Boise, Idaho is a very impressive attraction to visit. This Egyptian Theater is one of a kind and one of the last ones in the country. When sitting in the theater visitors will think they are in Cairo with all the many statues and hieroglyphics on the walls. The theater was first opened in 1927 and still runs strong till this day. The theater was also put on the National Historic Register during the 70's. The theater is located in the heart of downtown Boise and is known as a cherished landmark for the city. There are movies shown as if it were a regular theater but also live performances are shown here, if you go see a show at the Egyptian it will help keep the theater alive.